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    SubjectRe: AIC7850 on IWill board refuses to work since 2.0.26
      From: "Wolfgang Baudler" <>
    Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 12:46:58 +0100

    There is a change at the beginning:

    In kernel 2.0.25:

    /* limits */

    #define MAX_CHRDEV 64
    #define MAX_BLKDEV 64

    In kernel 2.0.26 and the following kernels up to 2.0.28:

    /* limits */

    #define MAX_CHRDEV 128
    #define MAX_BLKDEV 128

    If I change MAX_BLKDEV back to 64 everything works well again. MAX_BLKDEV is
    used in linux/drivers/scsi/scsi.c.

    The use in scsi.c is only in a routine that's compiled #ifdef DEBUG_TIMEOUT, so
    it seems rather unlikely that's the problem.

    What version of GCC was being used to compile the kernel? Perhaps there is a
    compiler bug that this change tickles. You'd think if this were a widespread
    problem we'd have heard about it sooner.


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