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    SubjectRe: What is for?
    dpates@Cavern.NMSU.Edu (Derrik Pates) writes:
    > > Can anyone give me some ideas and/or reference about
    > If you aren't using modules, I don't think it's used unless you are
    > doing debugging, or stack traces and such. Might want to keep it
    > around tho.

    No, it's also used by ps to resolve WCHAN in "ps -xl".

    The situation is awkward if you have the wrong version of
    in /boot and you run "ps -xl". It will resolve the WCHAN numbers to
    names, but the names will be wrong. Very confusing. I agitated to
    include a step about copying to the right place in the
    kernel install documentation / scripts, but I don't think it happened.

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