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    Subjectarp problems with 2.1.21
      Hi, all. I find that I can't manually set up an ARP cache entry with
    linux 2.1.21 (worked fine with 2.0.x). If I do:

    # arp -v -i eth1 -s <ipaddr> <hw_addr>
    arp: SIOCSARP()
    arp: OLD_SIOCSARP()
    SIOCSARP and OLD_SIOCSARP: Invalid argument
    Probably destination is on different Interface. See arp(8)

    This is with the arp compiled from net-tools-1.32-alpha, with libc
    5.4.17, gcc 2.7.2. It doesn't matter if my /usr/include/{linux|asm}
    files are from 2.0.0 or 2.1.21, I get the same effect.
    The old arp I was running (compiled from net-tools-1.3.6-BETA5, with
    libc 5.3.7) gives the following:

    # arp -v -i eth1 -s <ipaddr> <hw_addr>
    SIOCSARP: Invalid argument

    Note that eth1 has been set up as a point-to-point interface, and
    <ipaddr> has been set up in the routing table correctly. So, is this
    sort of thing no longer possible? What has changed?



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