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    SubjectRe: LINKSYS EtherPCI LAN Card II
    Bas Mevissen <> writes:
    > On my system, the RealTek card isn't autodetected. I have PCI BIOS support
    > on, but it seems that my card isn't detected by the driver.
    > I have the following line added in /etc/conf.modules:
    > options eth0 io=0xe800 irq=11
    > Without io= statement, the ne driver does no auto-detection; If I ommit the
    > irq=11 statement, my system hangs. So even for the RealTek card the driver
    > doesn't do proper autoprobing.

    I think, it does not do autoprobing when installed as a module. So,
    you can either compile it into the kernel or disable the "if"
    condition that prevents it from probing (this is what I did).


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