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SubjectRe: Content of Kernel mailing list
> I just had a thought about this mailing list, and I hope you don't mind.
> :) I understand how you guys are mad about the content of this newsgroup,
> and that is understandable, but what you people have to realise is that
> not everyone is good with the kernel, from a codeing point of view. I love
> linux, use it at home, and have put a server up here at school, my purpose
> of being on this list is to learn, and part of that learning is asking
> questions, especially if they are kernel related, surely people may be
> able to moderate there sends to this list better, but cut us a little
> slack, sooner or later you guys wontr be around, and someone will have to
> work on this. :) Not to be a doom bringer, I'm just saying that this list
> should be open to some questions some times, how else are we going to
> learn? I know c fairly well, but not well enough to program for the
> kernel, and I think a lot of people are in this boat. :) I'll get off my
> soapbox. imho. :)

The problem is, this is not the list for that. This is FOR kernel
development. There are other lists such as linux-newbie or linux-user
which are oriented for user questions. Besides, if you can just
wade through the flames, you WILL usually get an answer, regardless
of whether it is on topic or not. :)

Imagine how the developers feel now that the list that was originally
for swapping patches, updates, bug reports, etc. is now 90% hot air,
discussing the speed of light, the size of a megabyte, and answering
user-space questions rather than kernel questions.


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