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    Subjectnosound module

    On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Hirling Endre wrote:

    > I didn't want to go deeper in this topic but I've got many replies
    > advising hardware solutions. It would be easy to find out myself, but
    > that's not my machine and it would make the owner angry if I open his
    > machine. So I'm interested in software solutions only :)

    dont know wether some1 has coded this up yet, but this small 1 minute
    module should disable >all< beeper sound on the Linux machine. [currently
    anyone can change the bell pitch value back to the original one ...]

    Just compile it and do 'insmod nosound.o' as root. Sounds should be back
    working after 'rmmod nosound'.

    modules dont work in 2.1.20, so i havent tested it. Let me know if it
    works or not.

    -- mingo

    #include <linux/module.h>

    extern void (*kd_mksound)(unsigned int hz, unsigned int ticks);
    extern void _kd_mksound(unsigned int hz, unsigned int ticks);

    static void our_zerosound(unsigned int hz, unsigned int ticks)

    int init_module(void)
    return 1;

    void cleanup_module(void)

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