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SubjectRe: reserve= not working, drivers fail to do check_region
> There are two sorts of things that should be fixed here: drivers that
> call check_region() when passed a specific address should be fixed to
> not do that, and drivers that don't call check_region before automatic
> probes should be fixed to check first.
This as a very dangerous idea. There are currently drivers competing
for the same hardware resource. For example the serial and the baycom
drivers. When the serial driver gets loaded, it grabs all serial
ports it finds. Now when someone afterwards loads the baycom driver
and tells it to use a specific COM port, it would, using your idea,
use this specific port and the serial driver would not know anything
about that. This would result in two drivers trying to drive
the same hardware with different ideas :-)
There is now way the baycom driver can reliably detect if a baycom
modem really sits at any specific COM port.


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