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    Subjectfork() troubles gone in 2.1.19 (was: NT vulnerable to attack on CPU)
    On Tue, 24 Dec 1996 wrote:
    > >Nothing made it into the syslog when I tried this exploit. Suppose I'd done
    > I have written and run test programs such as that and not had any problems.
    > Your oops indicates that there is some bug in process handling in the kernel
    > you are running. Other versions of the Linux kernel do not have this bug.

    Running the fork bomb from the root account (limits imposed only by the
    kernel) for nearly ten hours didn't cause a crash, whereas under
    2.1.17--with a slightly different kernel configuration--I got multiple
    oopses instantly.

    ~# uptime
    7:29am up 9:40, 3 users, load average: 491.90, 491.35, 491.05
    ~# limit
    cputime unlimited
    filesize 1048576 kbytes
    datasize unlimited
    stacksize 8192 kbytes
    coredumpsize 0 kbytes
    memoryuse unlimited
    descriptors 512
    memorylocked unlimited
    maxproc 256

    Here's a list of the changes to the configuration:

    --- arch/i386/defconfig Sun Dec 29 16:43:25 1996
    +++ .config Tue Dec 31 10:23:46 1996
    +# CONFIG_MODVERSIONS is not set
    -# CONFIG_M386 is not set
    -# CONFIG_M586 is not set
    -# CONFIG_M686 is not set
    -# CONFIG_VIDEO_SELECT is not set
    +# CONFIG_IPV6 is not set
    +# CONFIG_LLC is not set
    +# CONFIG_SCSI_CONSTANTS is not set
    Trevor Johnson <>

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