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7 Sep 1996

[New] Bugs, Problems and QuestionsWolfram Kleff
Re: TRAVAN tape"Andrew E. Mileski"
[New] SleepingColten Edwards
Re: possible buglet in 2.0.17 ext_2unlink()"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
Re: your mailBill D
Re: Conner 1060S (was "more NCR53c8xx ext2 problems")Herbert Rosmanith
Re: no typo: cannot ping ?Herbert Rosmanith
Re: TCP-based NFS?Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
Re: 2.0.17 SCSI crash"Steven N. Hirsch"
Re: Buffer cache hintsRichard Gooch
Re: setuid scripts (was Re: proc fs and shared pids)Darren J Moffat
"Leonard N. Zubkoff"
Re: your mailDerrik Pates
Re: Buffer cache hintsRichard Gooch
Re: PPP problems: possible fixHugues Talbot
Re: pdf viewerMike Kilburn
[New] Re: some question about the patches"Rob McKee"
Preempting kernel tasks and a crazy proposalIngo Molnar
[New] Information about bridging(J.C.Spelt)
Re: Information about bridging(Christoph Lameter)
[New] net-related oops in 2.0.14Oliver Jowett
Re: Buffer cache hintsDon Fisher
Re: PPP problems: possible fixDerrick J Brashear
[New] CD ROM TroublesAnthony Tuininga
[New] Possible 2.0.18 problem....Chris Evans
Re: Sleeping(Eberhard Moenkeberg)
Re: TRAVAN tapeDavid Monro
Re: TRAVAN tape"Steven N. Hirsch"
Re: Linux and memory ECC on i386Craig Milo Rogers
Re: TCP-based NFS?Craig Milo Rogers
Re: [off-topic] Fully virtualisable CPUsCraig Milo Rogers
[New] corrupted swap with 2.0.18...CMD640?Dale Scheetz
Re: What to do (fwd)Linus Torvalds
Re: Booting off of a MD striped drive?(Mike Bristow)
[New] 2.0.15..18 & cd's(Roeland Th. Jansen)
Re: Information about bridging(Alan Cox)
[New] Networking slowdowns(Christoph Lameter)
Re: Buffer cache hintsLinus Torvalds
[New] cache eating memory in 2.0.18?? ulmo@q ...
Re: Speeding up screen output for dialog"Roman Zippel"
Re: Speeding up screen output for dialog(Jeff Epler)
Re: Bugs, Problems and Questions ulmo@q ...
Re: cache eating memory in 2.0.18??Greg Patterson
Re: What to do (fwd)"D. Chiodo"
[New] 3c900 boomerang.c , anyone ?Herbert Rosmanith
[New] Q: aha3940 usability ?Herbert Rosmanith
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