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    SubjectRe: 2.0.17 APM broke? (+ [un]suspend problem)

    -> Is 2.0.17's APM support broken (dereferences NULL pointer on boot) or
    ->did I just make an installation mistake?

    It works fine for me.. all what I had to recompile when going to
    15-17 was: linux :), ibcs, dosemu, pcmcia -- ie kernel support as well as
    apmd works well.

    Sep 4 17:06:29 ax kernel: PS/2 auxiliary pointing device detected
    --driver installed.
    Sep 4 17:06:29 ax kernel: APM BIOS version 1.0 Flags 0x03 (Driver version 1.2)
    Sep 4 17:06:29 ax kernel: Entry ea00:477c cseg16 ea00 dseg d000
    Sep 4 17:06:29 ax kernel: AC on line, battery status unknown, battery
    life unknown
    Sep 4 17:06:29 ax kernel: Real Time Clock Driver v1.07
    Sep 4 17:06:39 ax apmd[199]: Version 2.4 (APM BIOS 1.0, Linux driver 1.2)
    Sep 4 17:06:39 ax apmd[199]: Battery: * * * (-1% 0:01)

    By The way: has any one heard of this odd problem: When I suspend my
    laptop and then unsuspend and press any key it will immediatelly suspend
    again, and I have to unsuspend it for second time to be able to use it.

    Linux 2.0.17,
    the most recent APM,
    3.1.2F Xwindow,
    Winbook XP5 16mb 75mhz 810mb hdd w/ bios 5.09)
    [root@ax log]# apm -v
    APM BIOS 1.0 (kernel driver 1.2)
    AC on-line
    [root@ax log]# uname -a
    Linux 2.0.17 #9 Wed Sep 4 12:18:57 GMT 1996 i586

    Any ideas what cause it and/or how to solve it


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