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    SubjectRe: Plea: re-indent the kernel source
    > Having indentation of 8 spaces is plain waste of screen area. 
    > Indentation of 2 or 4 is more appropiate.
    > Also having indentation of 8 _and_ trying to keep linelenghts < 80 is
    > impossible.

    I strongly disagree - it only takes some simple formatting rules.
    I do it all the time, in fact, I'll even accept a challenge to
    break any line > 80 into lines < 80, without obfuscation. Almost
    always this leads to more understandable code.

    Personally I prefer 2 spaces, but I can live with anything.
    Using tabs is just plain convenient for me.

    > Printing the Source with current excessive indentation is quite
    > hopeless.

    Agreed - but as a programmer I of course have a wide printer.
    On narrow printers, you need to get out a magnifying glass,
    and put the printer into a smaller pitch :-(

    > Apparently the Great White Leader uses _only_ X with _wide_ window
    > and has access to fine wide lineprinters.

    I've mentioned this in the past, heck I started a thread like this
    once - Linus finally added his formatting ideas to the docs.

    Although I agree with Linus in most things, I disagree with the
    free-formating of the source - not just spaces vs tabs either.
    I'd like people to learn about alphabetical and numerical ordering
    too, along with naming conventions, etc.

    Don't even get me started on Linux's so called "self documenting code"....

    Andrew E. Mileski
    Linux Plug-and-Play Kernel Project
    XFree86 Matrox Team
    PGP Public keys are available from

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