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    SubjectRe: patch pre-2.0.17
    Peter J. de Vrijer wrote:
    > On Sun, 1 Sep 1996, Russell Berry wrote:
    > > If you read the ftape docs, you'll see that you CANNOT access the
    > > floppy while accessing the tape drive. That behavior is kernel
    > > independent
    > Ok I admit, I was being stupid. But it should not freeze on me.
    > It should shout at me 'HEY YOU, YOU CANNOT USE FLOPPY AND FTAPE
    > AT THE SAME TIME'. Or something like that.
    > Peter
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    Now that sounds like a viable option, I did try it once just to see
    what would happen, you know, "don't touch that button!" type of thing.
    And sure enough, it locked up the machine. I believe that is a flaw in
    the design, maybe our kernel wizards, (or ftape/floppy wizards) can implement
    a more hospitable reaction to such an attempt...


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