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    SubjectRe: modules problems
    At 13:43 19.09.96 -0400, Sheldon E. Newhouse wrote:
    >I have begun to try to use modules again, and am still having
    >I have a P5-100, ide, etc.
    >I am using kernel 2.0.20 and modules 2.0 from the RH-3.0.3 upgrade page.
    >I have an ISA Western Digital 8013 ethernet card. When I compile its
    >support into the kernel, there is no problem.
    >When I try to compile it as a loadable module, and use insmod, I get
    >error messages saying symbol versions don't match and it won't load.
    >The same thing happens with my sound.o modules and ppp.o. I have tried
    >this both the config_mod_versions turned on and off. It does not make
    >any difference.
    >I also have a 3COM590, and the module works fine for this with insmod,
    >rmmod giving no problems at all.
    >Is there anyone out there who has successfully used the module version
    >of the WD8013?

    Did you 'insmod 8390.o' before 'insmod wd.o'? The wd.o depends on 8390.o


    Franz Sirl

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