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    SubjectRe: Module Versioning Problems: How to "probe" for SMP
    On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > It also would be great if we have a kernel parameter to force an SMP-kernel
    > > to use only one CPU (e.g. smpboot=no). This would not need to change
    > > the BIOS's setup.
    > A one processor SMP boot isnt the same as a non SMP kernel at all.

    Agreed. Forget that one ;-)

    > Also
    > smp_num_cpus is a constant in the single processor kernel so the loops fold
    > out of the single CPU kernel

    Yes, I know about it.
    However, there is an important difference (though it is folded):

    In an SMP kernel 'smp_num_cpus' is a _variable_, in non-SMP kernel it is
    a '#define smp_num_cpus 1', it is neither in ksyms nor can it be
    checked in a module or insmod.

    Really, it would be good to have it as _variable_ in both kernel types.

    So long,

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