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SubjectRe: Problem with 2.0.20
> BTW, are we both missing something here?  Is there a command-line opt (or
> another version) of patch that creates new files in the right places?

Are you using the -p0 switch on patch? I just use a simple shell script
in /usr/src that reads:

echo Patching kernel source to version $1 -- Logging to '"'kuplog-$1'"'
cd linux
make clean > /dev/null
cd ..
zcat patch-$1 | patch -p0 2> kuplog-$1

The -p0 adds files in the right place. (Actually, I beileve one is
supposed to make mrproper, and copy out the .config file, then make
oldocnfig, but I've never had any difficulty with the above...)

Jared in Redmond, WA

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