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    Subjectsysctl in loadable modules
    I have a problem.

    I have converted all of the protocol modules that I am responsible for
    into loadable modules. I have just started to make use of the sysctl
    interface to allow for the easier setting of parameters within those
    modules with success apart from one thing, I cannot place the sysctl
    directory and its entries into what I consider to be the correct place in
    the /proc/sys directory tree.

    Let me give an example. If the kernel is built with the AX.25 protocol
    stack as part of the kernel, its sysctl entry appears in
    /proc/sys/net/ax25 which is the right place for it since it is a
    networking protocol. However if using the sysctl primitives within AX.25 as
    a loadable module I can only get it to appear in /proc/sys/ax25. I have
    tried various hacks to make it appear in the right place but to no avail,
    is there an answer to my problem ? If not then I'll have to move the
    location of the non-loadable sysctl entry into /proc/sys as well.

    As an aside, the primitives required to fully implement sysctl within
    modules are not being exported from the kernel, namely sysctl_dointvec,
    sysctl_dointvec_maxmin, sysctl_dostring, sysctl_intvec and sysctl_string.

    When is 2.1 due ? I have a large amount of work thats waiting to go
    into it.

    Please reply personally as I don't take this mailing list.


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    | Author of Linux kernel AX.25, NET/ROM and Rose. |

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