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    SubjectRe: getting Linux into business..
    In, article <>,
    "Eric Youngdale" <> writes:
    > I am wondering whether umount should be made more robust so that
    > it essentially forks prior to each unmount attempt. When all the children
    > have died we know that everything is unmounted, and we can proceed. If
    > one of the umounts hangs, then at least all of the remaining partitions
    > are cleanly unmounted.

    Something like that would probably be a good idea.

    int try = 0;
    do {
    /* try to unmount, return success or ENOENT or whatever */
    } while(1);

    > If some NFS partition cannot be unmounted, can we still force the
    > root partition back to R/O status so that it is also marked clean?

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