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SubjectAll is quite normal (was Re: This is really Ridiculous)

Hello Racer X,

On Sat, 27 Jul 1996, Racer X wrote:

> Hear, hear. I was shocked to find out that the version number was
> actually being set at 2.0. I thought, at the very least, we should stay
> at 1.4.

In my sarcastic opinion, you suggestion would only change 2 lines in
Just try it and tell me if Linux becomes more stable.

[ Lots of lines about Linux history by Racer X removed ...]

> We've even been adding code into the 2.0 releases (the merging in of the
> FreeBSD NCR53c810 driver, which hasn't worked for me and a number of
> friends, for starters) - a release that, according to the various FAQ's &
> README's, should be a stable, production-quality kernel.

I have received very few problem descriptions about the BSD ported driver.
Must I guess that only you and friends of yours have had problems with the
I am in vacation from 2 to 17 August. I invite you and friends to send me
asap the description of the problems you have had with the driver.

Having problems with a driver (or any other software) does not always mean
that there is a bug in the code. The driver code can only be suspected.
At the moment, the remaining problems that have been reported to me for i386
architecture seems to happen under FreeBSD too. They will be fixed by
Stefan Esser in a future release of the shared part of the driver.
Reported problems related to the Linux specific code have always been
fixed (I think).

[ Lots of lines about Linux history by Racer X removed ... ]

> shag

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