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28 Jul 1996

[New] can't ping internal IP's"Andrew B. Cramer"
[New] swap problemsJon Lewis
[New] cant ping internally"Andrew B. Cramer"
Re: swap problems"Leonard N. Zubkoff"
Re: swap problemsJon Lewis
Re: 2.0.8 zdisk can't bootHerbert Rosmanith
[New] psaux & keyboardHerbert Rosmanith
[New] Sporadic slow PPP connectionsRob Riggs
Re: Faster depend written in PerlTodd Graham Lewis
[New] idea for numbering kernelsMichael Driscoll
Re: Alternate solutions(Kai Henningsen)
[New] Re: Alternate solutionsAlbert Cahalan
[New] Re: Sound Blaster II - SCSIAlbert Cahalan
Re: Ghost! Finger and WAlbert Cahalan
[New] Always AL7000 driverBob Lanning
Re: Alternate solutions (Was: Re: NFS still has caching problem)(Alan Cox)
Re: This is really Ridiculous(Alan Cox)
[New] ide.c unexpected intr on Compaq notebook(Chris Blum)
[New] posix realtime support - 1003.1b ???Mike Robinson
Sorry, I'll shut up now. How could I resist? :)lilo
[New]RHS Linux User
Re: Sorry, I'll shut up now. How could I resist? :)Dale Scheetz
[New] Re: boot hangs 2.0.9-10Peter
[New] 2.0.9/10: Hang during bootFlorian Weimer
[New] device drivers Aetheria@cris ...
Re: device driversSebastian Kuzminsky
[New] ISDN + kernel panicHerbert Rosmanith
[New] sbintr() printkRob Riggs
Re: Faster make dependOlaf Titz
[New] get and set registers using ptrace(Jun Shih)
[New] SB16 Sound driver problem (2.0.10)The Deviant
Re: Sound Blaster II - SCSILance Kinley
[New] PPP errors???Lance Kinley
Alphas and division (was: faster make depend)Matti E Aarnio
All is quite normal (was Re: This is really Ridiculous)Gerard Roudier
[New] small patchJon Lewis
[New] Re: profanity thread"Webmaster"
[New] scsi cdrom multisession patchesHeiko Eissfeldt
[New] proc fs and shared pidsMichiel Boland
[New] 2.0.x [x>0]John L Ross
Re: Faster depend written in Perl(Daniel Quinlan)
Re: This is really RidiculousBrian M Grunkemeyer
Re: Alternate solutions(Bernd Eckenfels)
Re: proc fs and shared pids(Bernd Eckenfels)
Re: Alternate solutions(Bernd Eckenfels)
Re: This is really Ridiculous chris@stallion ...
[New] [patch] Very minor"Aaron Tiensivu"
[New] screen freezes in X"Sheldon E. Newhouse"
[New] META FAQTom Dyas
[New] Re: This is really Ridiculous"Hubert A. Bahr"
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