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    SubjectRe: SB16 Sound driver problem
    Rob Riggs wrote:
    > On 16-Jul-96 Hannu Savolainen wrote:
    > >Don't try to use kerneld if you have SB16 version 4.5. For some reason
    > >this particular firmware version causes troubles when _warm_ loading the
    > >sound driver while there are no problems with any other SB version.
    > >
    > >This problem may be related with interrupt test feature added in Linux
    > >2.0.1. It's possible to bypass the test by adding
    > >
    > >#define NO_SB_IRQ_TEST
    > >
    > >to the beginning of linux/drivers/sound/sb_commob.c. However nobody has
    > >reported that this change helps. Somebody claimed that leaving MIDI
    > >support out from configuration could help too.
    > This did the trick. Sound works now - even with kerneld. My
    > SB16 is version 4.5.
    > >
    > >Best regards,
    > >
    > >Hannu
    > The sound driver seems to be leaving the sound card in a
    > bad state when MIDI support is compiled in. Even after a
    > warm boot, the kernel will freeze when initializing the
    > sound board (by kernel or module) if the sound driver was
    > loaded previously. I had loaded the sound module, created
    > a new kernel with sound compiled in, then rebooted and had
    > the kernel hang during the boot sequence, right as the
    > sound driver was initializing.
    > I don't *need* MIDI support, since I have no MIDI hardware,
    > but I had previously always compiled in MIDI support. This
    > had never caused a problem.
    > Rob
    > (

    Exactly the same problem with exactly the same firmware (4.5). I don't
    need Midi either, so it doesn't bug me too much.
    But, by simply using the SB enough in a home-made apps which draw
    real-time spectrum under X, my linux box end by freezing hard. This apps
    use DMA memory mapping in input of the sound buffer for fast and fluid
    animation. I've suspected a bug in X, but there's no such problem on
    another computer with opti930 sound card, different graphic card, same
    kernel (2.0.7), same X server (S3 X312E). Any idea?


    Philippe Strauss, CH-1092 Belmont
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    " Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour.
    Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute.
    THAT's relativity. " Albert Einstein.

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