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    SubjectIP Masquerading Doesn't Work with Linux-2.0.6; What Did I Do?
    Hi All,

    What did I do? Now I upgraded from Linux-2.0.3 to 2.0.6. Everything
    works except IP Masquerading!

    When I do an

    ipfwadm -M -l

    I get masquerading entries showing that my LAN clients are going to
    some Internet host(s), but nothing comes back to my clients.
    If I try to "head -2 /proc/net/snmp," I get counts that indicate a
    number of "OutNoRoutes." This worked fine under 2.0.3. I looked
    on the site, but I do not see any new IP Masq software. The
    Linux-2.0.6 Changes file doesn't seem to indicate any IP Masq
    changes. This is probably something unique to my configuration, but I
    would appreciate any suggestions. Has anybody else noticed this?

    Please help!

    Paul Matthews
    McLean, VA

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