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    SubjectRe: The symbols from kernel 1.99.14 don't match 1.99.14
    James B. MacLean <> wrote:
    > On Jun 7, 1:08pm, Dave Baker wrote:
    > > >> gcc2_compiled. undefined
    > > >> [snip]
    > > >> Failed to load module! The symbols from kernel 1.99.14 don't match 1.99.14
    > > isn't this just the bug that requires upgrading to modules1.3.69k ??

    Yup! (or just applying my web-page patch for modules-1.3.57)

    > At my site
    > it was due to compiling the kernel with all the CONFIG_MOD... on etc...
    > but NOT having the first option for allowing experimental options

    Strange... Why do _I_ never have any of those problems... :-)
    Perhaps my setup behaves because of its close proximity to Finland...

    OTOH there might be problems with some modules if the _modules_ are
    guarded by CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL. Was that it?

    Bjorn <> <>

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