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    SubjectRe: Alan's bug catalogue
    >>>>> "Matthias" == Matthias Urlichs <> writes:

    >> SCSI with AHA1542 cannot be loaded entirely as module: SCSI DMA
    >> seems to get corrupted (most obviously when accessing a CD-ROM).

    I've been using the aha1542 module with kernels 1.3.100 and 1.99.8
    fairly successfully. I'm only using disks and tapes (no CD-ROM).

    One problem I have noticed is that occasionally, after using the tape
    drive for a while, reads from the floppy are occasionally corrupted
    (with no indication from the floppy driver -- it's a good job I use MD5
    signatures for mail transferred by floppy :-). This has only happened
    on two occasions, once with SCSI loaded as modules, and once without.

    -- Jamie Lokier

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