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    SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
    On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Jon Tombs wrote:

    > Matty said:
    > > Not really.. I think the point is that the kernel drivers do all the
    > > low-level stuff that requires kernel/superuser privs, and any user-level
    > > program that wishes to perform these functions must call the kernel
    > > routines to do it for them. It's not meant to be a REPLACEMENT for X,
    > > after all, what CAN replace X? :) Think about it - there will be no
    > > need for a million & one setuid-0 X server binaries that are 2-3Mb in
    > > size! One generic server would be enough, which calls the kernel to do
    > > the card-specific routines, and hence doesn't need to be setuid-0.
    > so instead of several 2-3Mb Xservers you suggest several 2-3Mb Kernel
    > loadable modules???

    I doubt if they'd be a tenth of that size. Remember, all our
    divers do is provide a linear framebuffer and hooks into cards-specific
    accelerations/drawing primitives, if present. No library code, no X
    server code, no mouse handling code, etc.

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