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    SubjectDriver optimization.

    I was reading some NT sources (No, please don't shoot me :-), and
    found something that Linux should've had for quite a while now.

    Initialization code is interspersed with the actual driver code.
    I think that the phrase

    #pragma alloc_text(INIT,ParInitializeDeviceObject)

    in then NT sources means that the routine ParInitializeDeviceObject
    will be allocated in a special segment called "INIT".

    If strict (*) rules about these are kept, we could even free the
    memory associated with initializing the system...... Otherwise,
    having them together increases cache performance.

    Ideally gcc should grok an #pragma similar to the MSC compiler above.
    Otherwise an "asm" statement could be inserted before and after
    init routines to switch to a different segement. The problem with
    this approach is that a string in the routine causes an
    .section .rodata
    .string "this is the string
    to be emitted just before the function, undoing the simple
    asm (".section .init");
    A way around this needs to be found.
    In ELF lots of segments get mapped the same as .text, ".init" is
    indeed one of them, so if you don't want to go and edit binutils, you
    could just use one of those (I don't know if ".init" is already used).

    This could go on the "wishlist for 2.1" and/or someone could pick
    it up.....

    Roger Wolff.

    (*) i.e. don't call the init routine again when a full reset is
    invoked or something like that...... :-)

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