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    SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist, new version
    Hi Thomas

    I'm a little late putting this together - it takes a lot of running just
    to stay in the same place !

    You mention

    > * Being able to run a parallel zip drive and a printer at the same
    > time

    I will be working on this shortly, although if anyone cares to beat me
    to it I wouldn't be offended ! (Phillip Blundell and I worked out some
    changes to the resource scheduler a few months ago - I can send the outline
    to anybody that wants to work on it.)

    Some other things - that touch on the parallel port driver work that I'm

    * An exclusive open mechanism for raw disks (eg: /dev/hda) - needed
    for manipulating partition tables and write locking safely.

    Andries Brouwer and I have talked a lot about this - we almost submitted
    a patch back around 1.3.100, but decided to wait for the next round. This
    basically requires that a new standard disk ioctl be added to all the disk
    drivers: sd, ide, hd, xd, etc.

    * Full support for EPP/ECP modes in the parallel port disk drivers.

    There's been some work on this in the printing area (hello Uwe!), but there's
    much to be done. (I've been putting my own energy into expanding the list of
    such drivers.)

    * A systematic cleanup of boot parameter syntax - insmod and
    lilo/loadlin should support identical paramter syntax.

    There was a linux-kernel thread on this that Alain Knaff and I participated
    in a few weeks ago - it's clear what should happen, it just needs to be
    done :-)

    Hmm - looking back over this, it looks like I'm doing a lot of gratuitous
    name-dropping - I hope Phillip, Andries, Uwe, and Alain also agree that these
    things should be on the list !

    Grant R. Guenther

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