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    SubjectRe: SCSI bus reset
    > What I'm looking for is ability to use removable devices like IOmegas on 
    > SCSI bus. Being on Solaris, I can use "drvconfig". What should I do for
    > Linux? Rebooting is a Bad Thing, I beleive.

    If you are talking about removable *media*, which the reference to Iomega
    suggests, then Linux already takes care of this for you - it will
    happily detect media changes on your Iomega drive and rescan the
    partition table.

    If you want hot-plugging on the SCSI bus, that's another thing entirely.
    (Which I for one would not want to try on standard PC hardware.)

    The closest Linux analogue to Solaris' drvconfig would be Eric Youngdale's
    tool that builds SCSI symlinks in /dev. I could be wrong, but I
    don't believe drvconfig scans the SCSI buses - it merely examines
    the kernel's tables to rebuild the /devices pseudo-filesystem.

    Can Solaris handle removable media other than floppies and CDs ?
    I would expect to have to do a reboot to get it to re-read the
    disk label ...

    So what exactly are you looking for ?

    Grant R. Guenther

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