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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.0.0 fails to return Text File Busy for .so files
    Systemkennung Linux ( wrote:
    : No. You're right for the current kernel. The original poster wanted to
    : forbid *any* modification to the shared lib as long as it is open by
    : modifying the kernel. As I understand this his request this includes
    : renameing, unlink(2) etc. And then you can no longer change the libs.

    No, because unlink and rename are NO modifications to the file (represented
    by the i-node) but modifications to the directory. The KErnel has the file
    open (pointed to it by inode) and any modifications to the filename are
    completely uninteresting to it. Thats why you can delete (unlink) a file and
    it is still accessable until the last close (refcnt=0).

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