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    SubjectRe: Linux and not version dirs
    I strongly suggest that people use CVS to maintain their emacs source
    tree. I use the following script to install patches. Clearly it has
    to be updated when the major or minor version changes, but it works
    reasonably well. It's not even remotely polished.

    That horrible cvs import line is necessitated by the fact that Linux
    has a directory named "core."

    #!/bin/csh -f

    cd /home/rlk/sandbox/linux

    foreach f ( /usr/src/PATCHES/patch-2.0.0)
    set g=`echo $f | sed 's,/usr/src/PATCES/patch-,,g' | sed 's/\./_/g'`
    echo "Patching from $g"
    patch -s -p1 < $f
    find . -name '*.orig' -exec rm -f '{}' \;
    cvs import -m "Linux $g source" '-I\!' '-IRCSLOG' '-IRCS' '-ISCCS' '-ICVS*' '-Icvslog.*' '-Itags' '-ITAGS' '-I.make.state' '-I.nse_depinfo' '-I*~' '-I#*' '-I.#*' '-I,*' '-I*.old' '-I*.bak' '-I*.BAK' '-I*.orig' '-I*.rej' '-I.del-*' '-I*.a' '-I*.o' '-I*.so' '-I*.Z' '-I*.elc' '-I*.ln' linux-1.3 Linux linux-$g

    set tmp=`echo $f | sed 's/.*\.//'`
    set prev=`expr $tmp - 1`
    cd /mnt/sandbox6
    rm -rf linux-1.3 DIFFS DIFFS.1
    cvs co -ko -jlinux-pre2_0_$prev -jLinux linux-1.3
    cvs diff -c >DIFFS
    diff -rc /home/rlk/sandbox/linux linux-1.3 | grep -v '^Only' > DIFFS.1

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