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    SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1
    Jos Vos <> writes:
    >> There are already some patches for per user accointing. I'd like to
    >> have per user firewall as well.
    >I'm not sure what you mean with the last sentence, but, in general,
    >supporting a per-user firewall is not possible in the kernel.

    I think what he's talking about is supporting access control lists for
    networking operations. i.e., I might want to be able to control which
    users can send datagrams to which TCP/UDP addresses and ports. This
    is very useful for people who run public-access systems and wish to
    only allow some users access to the "external" network.

    Ideally, you should be able to specify "allow" and "deny" rules
    similar in spirit to TCP wrapper control files or HTTP access files.
    You should be able to specify users at least at the user-id and group
    level, and preferably also define groups-of-groups. You should be
    able to allow and deny access to any combination of protocol, address,
    and port. And all this should be configurable from userland, without
    rebuilding the kernel. (A public-access system I do volunteer work
    for has most of this -- they're mainly missing the "without rebuilding
    the kernel" part -- on a SunOS system. However, we've hacked the


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