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    SubjectRe: Mysterious hang in 2.0.0 - possibly Triton II?
    Peter Denison <> writes:
    > Many thanks to thise of you that replied to my post. I've done
    > some more investigating (takes time you know :-) and unfortunately the
    > hang is still there.

    I doubt that this helps fixing your problem, but I would like to
    mention that I noticed a problem that seems to appear frequently, when
    you have either Triton or Triton II based boards. As soon as the EIDE
    bus gets longer than about 12", there are bound to be data
    corruptions. So keep the flat-ribbon cable shorter than 12";
    preferably, keep it shorter than 8". Alternatively, do not use EIDE at
    all :-)

    BTW, this problem is not specific to Linux. I noticed it with a Triton
    I based computer that run Linux and a Triton II based computer that
    usually runs W95.

    Markus Gutschke Internet:
    Schlage 5a
    D-48268 Greven-Gimbte

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