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    SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
    > Yes, there is secure_tcp_sequence_number(), but it is not used
    > anywhere, and the tcp code still uses do_gettimeofday(). I guess
    > it was too late before 2.0 to change that... Too bad, it would
    > be another argument for NOT making the random driver optional :-).

    Ted submitted stuff for it but it did not get in in time.

    > is allocated so that it tries to minimize fragmentation. I am not
    > an expert here, so please tell me if it totally doesn't make sense,
    > but here are a few ideas (unless it is already done this way):
    > - when allocating a single non-DMA free page, try to find one which
    > has the highest physical address, to keep as much free contiguous
    > low memory as possible

    Put the kernel code segment above 16Mb.


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