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    SubjectRe: make
    James M. Cassidy wrote:
    > > > On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Mait Mandel wrote:
    > > > > For the last two days I get the error:
    > > > > make: *** No rule to make target '../(whatever)/..' . Stop.
    > > > > or make: *** No targets and makefile found. Stop.
    > > > > Although there is a Makefile in the directory and there are targets (all:
    > > > > , install: , whatever else) in the Makefile.
    > >
    > > Extract from the file release.libc-5.2.18 by H.J. <>
    > > found on sunsite and other mirrors (if anyone has bothered to do some basic
    > > "read-before-you-install" kinda thing!)
    > Well for your information I did read the release notes. I did recompile
    > make and I STILL have the problem with the new excutable. Not too mention
    > the little probablem their talking about should cause any problems with the
    > old executables. When it comes to executing binaries your computer doesn't
    > care what you use for variables name it removes them anyways in compilation
    > unelss you tell it to include them for debugging.

    Good observation! My make worked fine when I was using a pre libc-5.2.xx
    library. When I updated my libc, I had the exact same problem as mentioned
    above - "No rule to make target" with same binary. I immediately got the
    patch for make-3.74 and compiled it in. And now make is normal. So what did
    I do that broke a working executable? I updated my libc. Ever tried
    removing /lib/* with the hope of installing the new ones? (** Please
    DON'T try it! None of your binaries will work after that unless you reboot
    from different drive and fix the symlinks **) Please don't think in terms of
    DOS .EXEs. Do a man on for further details. The issue is deeper than
    just mere variables.

    So patch your make with dirent bug patch & re-compile. This will make make
    happy :)

    Samuel Koods
    Cimarron Network Services

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