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    SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
    > system performance.  I was quite horrified comparing my Sparc clone
    > (SunOS 403) which had 8MB (12ms SCSI2 in SCSI1 mode HD) versus a 8MB
    > 486/33 (10ms ISA IDE HD) ... Granted the 486 would be slower, but the
    > Sparc has a BIG problem with RAM since the kernel eats up 3 MB (whereas
    > Linux kernels take up around 1MB) However, SunOS works with swap much
    > more smoothly than the 486 box under heavy load (you can actually do
    > stuff on the sparc when the 486 is crawling).

    put a slow bus mastering isa controller on the 486 and you'll notice a
    1000% improvement in doing things while swapping... basically, IDE just
    sucks... I get better perfomance on my 486 dx2-66 with scsi than on a p90
    with IDE as soon as it starts hitting swap.

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