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    SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1
    Stephen Tweedie ( wrote:
    : Elliot Lee <> writes:
    : > On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, DUPRE Christophe wrote:
    : >> > Also, I'd like to see the tray locking on CDROMS be a little less
    : >> > strict. If there are no open files on a mounted CD, and no process
    : >> > has the CD for a current directory, I'd like to be able to open
    : >> > the CD tray (without a screwdriver :), put in a new disk, and
    : >> > have it be available when I close the tray.
    : >>
    : >> Even if the CD is mounted ?

    : > This problem belongs in userland. Someone needs to make a volume manager
    : > like Slowaris has, so that users can take care of this problem.

    : Actually, this is exactly what my "supermount" patches do (available
    : for 2.0 on in /pub/linux/supermount!). It provides
    : truly transparent removable media support for both floppy and cdrom.

    : There are a couple of problems with the current release. Only msdos
    : and iso9660 filesystems are supported, and the door locking on 2.0
    : kernels means that you can't change disks on cdroms for many drives
    : which were OK on 1.2. The 0.5 releae of supermount is in progress and
    : under testing, and will address these deficiencies.

    My concept for changing data CDs is:
    say "umount /CD"
    watch the tray coming out
    fetch the old CD
    put down the new CD
    say "mount /CD"
    watch the tray slipping in
    Realized, years ago. You even can let it do by a robot arm. Standard Linux.

    Cheers -e
    Eberhard Moenkeberg GGG W W DDDD GGG
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    At home: Modem+ISDN ("guest") ++49-551-7704102, ISDN-HDLC 7704103

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