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    SubjectWill you two stop arguing about SBPCD
    Ok, it would be nice if the sbpcd stuff went like this:
    * CD-ROM drivers (not for SCSI or IDE/ATAPI drives)
    Support non-SCSI/IDE/ATAPI CDROM drives (CONFIG_CD_NO_IDESCSI) [N/y/?] y
    Aztech/Orchid/Okano/Wearnes/TXC/CyDROM CDROM support (CONFIG_AZTCD) [N/y/m/?] n
    Goldstar R420 CDROM support (CONFIG_GSCD) [N/y/m/?] n
    Matsushita/Panasonic/Creative, Longshine, TEAC CDROM support (CONFIG_SBPCD) [Y/m/n/?]
    Customize SBPCD support (CONFIG_SBPCD_CUSTOM) [N/y/?] ?

    Customize SBPCD support to your perticular setup. This saves time at
    boot probeing (you shouldn't be, but ....), and (arguably) saves memory
    too. You should answer yes only if you know your current setup
    (looking at "dmesg |less" may help), and no if you don't (and no for

    Customize SBPCD support (CONFIG_SBPCD_CUST) [N/y/?] y
    First controler type (SoundBlaster, LaserMate, SPEA, SoundScape, Tech16bit) [SoundBlaster]
    First controler I/O Base (CONFIG_SBPCD_CUST_FIRST_BASE) [330]
    Second driver type (SoundBlaster, LaserMate, SPEA, SoundScape, Tech16bit, None) [None]

    If you don't tell it none, it keeps going until you've got them all defined,
    and moans something like 'Are sure you want them all in ?) (ie they
    proberbly don't want them all in unless they really know what they are

    PGP key pass phrase forgotten, \ Overload -- core meltdown sequence
    again :( | initiated.
    / This space is intentionally left
    | blank, apart from this text ;-)

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