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    SubjectRe: Can't Compile floppy.c.
    >I am compiling v2.0.0 and have the following problem with floppy.c.
    >Here I am compiling as a module, but I get the same error if I try to include
    >it in the kernel.

    I've seen the same thing, and worse: I've seen a machine *hang* on
    trying to compile floppy.c. Twice. In quick succession...

    >My versions of everything that I can think of are:
    > gcc version 2.7.2p

    And *that* seems to be the problem - at least, when the sysadm in
    question downgraded to a non-`p' version of gcc, the compiles
    started working again. YMMV of course.

    Hope that helps,

    <^ I /\/\ O /\/ Simon Tatham <>
    _> ------------ Trinity College, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ, England

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