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    SubjectPPPD problem?

    First, I'm not sure if this is a kernel problem or not, so my appoligies
    in advance if this is the wrong place to send this. (Although I would
    appreceate if someone would point me in the right direction to ask.)

    kernel pre-2.0.[8/9]
    ppp 2.2.0.f

    The problem is when a win 3.11/trumpet user connects to the system using
    a mtu of 1500. pppstats shows that the linux box is sending packets of
    1505 bytes in lenght and the win side says the packet is bad also giving
    ppp frame check error, 1500

    I have tryed different mtu values, but the linux box always seems to add
    "a few extra" bytes.

    I'm snowed on this one!



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