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    SubjectRe: majordomo problems?
    	I'm interested to know how long it's taking messages to get
    out to you *.com'ers, if you could send me one of your message headders
    to, I'd appreciate it (that person does
    the exploding for *.com)

    - Jared

    David S. Miller graced my mailbox with this long sought knowledge:
    > Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 05:39:29 -0700
    > From: (Doug Liu)
    > I was curious about the majordomo mailing list program--
    > why do does mail sent to this mailing list vary in receving time,
    > from minutes to weeks?
    > I have read that using sendmail 8.x makes the majordomo
    > program run more efficiently.
    > Just as well, bulk_mailer has been reported to speed up
    > delivery times.
    > Does this mailing list use the above specified programs?
    > Pushing terabytes of mail on a daily basis and full ftp archival
    > services on a sun4/200, and doing it efficiently is not easy.
    > There were tons of disk problems which ended up with vger finally
    > eating it's /usr and / disk this past weekend, that has been fixed
    > completely.
    > Another problem was that I lost vger's .com exploder for a period of
    > time and that domain is the worst beast on the net. I had setup a
    > temporary exploder locally but it ran out of /var space and is why the
    > response times went down to null and certain poor folks got hit with
    > some spam mails, for this I apologize but I was trying my best in
    > desperation and I have learned that it is impossible to make everyone
    > happy anyways.
    > This item has been fixed and I have the old exploder back.
    > I run zmailer as it is the only mailer which can keep up with the load
    > all the time when something else isn't causing problems like the
    > situations I described just now. Experiments were done with sendmail
    > with and without bulk_mailer, and evidence showed sendmail to be a
    > complete lose and was not able to keep up with the load vger carries.
    > Zmailer was the only mailer able to handle the load on this poor
    > overworked machine.
    > When things go smoothly it can push out all postings within 45
    > minutes, and this scenerio whould be returning shortly I hope.
    > Later,
    > David S. Miller

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