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    SubjectRe: pre2.0.6 and pre2.0.7 won't boot on 386
    Martin Cornelius
    <>@fabsoft2.zarm.uni-breme wrote:

    >has anybody else tried to run pre2.0.6 or pre2.0.7 on
    >a 386 without Math-CoPro
    >I'm using libc-5.3.12 and libm-5.0.6, and, of course,
    >the kernel was compiled with

    I've run most of the pre2.0.x series (currently pre2.0.7)
    on my 386/25 - no 387 - 8MB RAM system at home, with no
    problems like that on any of them.

    I'm still using libc-5.2.18 (don't remember the libm version
    right now -- I'm at work).

    Also using init 2.57b.

    Good luck in finding the problem.

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