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    SubjectRe: A few questions and notes....

    On Wed, 15 May 1996, Dan Merillat wrote:
    > Ok, I'm still running 1.3.99 (I know, obselete...:-) but I'm still
    > getting double-lock on socket at 00149b33 (tcp_sendmsg)
    > Grr. Well, a judicious #if 0 in the source nuked that one for now. It
    > happens when I have a telnet session open that I havn't used in a while.
    > (Virtual consoles do that... :-) As soon as I type, I get a few of
    > those, then it stops.

    The "double lock on socket" message is harmless - I'll take it out for
    2.0. It happens when there is swapping activity and the same socket is
    used concurrently by two programs - this was why I rewrote the socket
    locking code in the first place. That's why you see it on telnet sessions
    that have been idle - they've been swapped out.

    The reason the message is there at all is that I wanted to make sure I
    hadn't forgotten to unlock the socket anywhere. So the kernel prints it
    out even when it's valid, just in case... I think we can sleep safely
    knowing that the locking works correctly (it ahsn't been causing any
    probles for a _long_ time).

    So don't worry if you get this one - it's going away.

    (Note: the "double lock on device queue" message that sounds similar _is_
    a real bug, so if people see that one then tell the world)


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