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    Subjectkerneld module unloading timing
    >Some people (including me) complained about kerneld removing modules just
    >after the last use. The problem is that kerneld remove the module after the
    >time specified by the 'delay' parameter counting from _loading_ and not
    >after the last use. Of course, it is so because kerneld has no idea, when
    >the module was used after loading it.
    >Couldn't we just send the appropriate message to kerneld when the filesystem
    >is being mounted or /dev/fd0 opened ? The only thing we would have to do
    >will be to add message sending in the places where kerneld is called to load
    >the module. For example, we would have to change super.c from:
    >[rest of message deleted]

    For best effect, kerneld should also have a user-tunable timeout for
    unloading such that a module is unloaded if and only if (a) kerneld has
    not heard anything from the module during that time period and (b) the
    module's usage count has been 0 whenever kerneld checked during that
    period. That way unused modules could stay around for (say) 5 minutes
    before being unloaded unless they are used before then.

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