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    Subject1.3.97 compile problems...
    I have a problem with 1.3.97...

    when compiling the aic7xxx driver, the command:

    "./aic7xxx_asm -o aic7xxx.h aic7xxx.seq"

    dies with:

    execvp() error: No such file or directory
    0 out of 448 instructions used.

    The file aic7xxx_asm is there, and is an ELF binary, and
    runs okay, but apparently doesn't output anything.

    (BTW, I've not gotten this thing running yet. Anyone
    have any idea where I could get a BIOS upgrade for it
    off the net? I'm going to get an external box and use
    a very expensive cable and an active terminator on this
    monster to take care of any termination/cabling problems
    I may be having and see if I can get the thing to work.)

    Another side-note...

    Does the Sun disklabel stuff in 1.3.97 pertain to
    Solaris X86? If so, I'm tempted to use it to develop
    stuff on due to a libc problem I'm having with Linux.


    Corey Brenner

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