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SubjectRe: marching PS/2 mouse
On  9 Apr 96 at 3:49, Jon Lewis wrote:

> On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Ulrich Windl wrote:
> > In recent kernels I have the strange effect of a "marching mouse
> > cursor" with my PS/2 mouse. Usually the cursor moves horizontally
> > (e.g. right to left) without ever touching the mouse. I've seen this
> > in 1.3.83 under X11 and on the console (gpm running). This seems
> > rather strange. Any ideas?
> I've seen some really cheap "Mouse Systems Corp" compatible serial mice do
> this too...under 1.2.13 and XF86 3.1.0. I think ours also wanders right
> to left (must be a Hebrew mouse:), but I'd always assumed it was just a
> piece-o-crap $5 mouse...and that that was the problem.

Just to pint out: My mouse is the "MS Original from 1990" that worked
fine until either the recent kernels or my new hardware. As I'm
running mainly Linux, I don't have much experience with other OSs.


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