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SubjectRe: More 1.3.95 Good News
On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Simon Shapiro wrote:

> 1. When booting, serial driver as a module, no insmod, so kernled works:
> /dev/cua%d: No such device... displays numbers 0-31!

Do you have an rc script (e.g. rc.serial) which tries to access the serial
ports (e.g. with setserial) before kerneld is loaded?

> Then cat /proc/foo hangs while cat/proc/bar does not.

By any chance, did you try to cat /proc/ioports? There's a known bug in
the serial driver when compiled as a module that can cause
'cat /proc/ioports' to Oops on you. See the patch I posted earlier today
for a solution.

Tom Grigg

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