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SubjectRe: 3C509 not being detected in 1.3.95
>>>>> "Jay" == anderson  <> writes:

Jay> I have a WD8003 and 3C509 in my system. Both cards were being
Jay> detected just fine until about 1.3.93, then the 3C509 stopped
Jay> being detected. I was able to compile it as a module in .94 and
Jay> insmod it sucessfully, but even that failed in .95.

Jay> I'm a bit stumped as what to try next (aside from looking through
Jay> the past 2 or 3 patches and try to find out what changed).

Jay> Is anyone else seeing this or is just me?

I had a problem that sounds similar to this. I've got a machine with
both a WD8013 and 3c509. The 3c509 was not often recognized on boot
without opening the machine reseating the card and rebooting. It did
not matter whether it was eth0 or eth1, coax or 10baseT, and I always
compiled the drivers straight in not modules, and did the append
"ether=..." thing in /etc/lilo.conf. (Kernel versions 1.2.1 through
1.2.13 and 1.3.73 through 1.3.8?).

My problem was apparently due to a conflict between the Boca 4 port
serial and the 3c509. I compiled a test kernel at one point with
module support for the 3c509, but then couldn't load the driver due to
an addressing conflict. The 3c509 driver does probing in the same
address range used by the Boca (low 0x100s).

Since I've removed the Boca the 3c509 has been recognized at boot
every time.

-- baur
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