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SubjectRe: striped swapping?
Amazingly enough David Fries said:
> On 27 Apr 1996 wrote:
> > See <Pine.LNX.3.91.960418083702.13469E-100000@linux.cs.Helsinki.FI>
> > posted in this forum by Linus.
> How do I access a message in the above form? The numbers and such don't
> mean much to me. Also I have access to newsgroups, no "forum"'s.

That is the Message-Id: field for a post Linus sent out about
that. Every software package that generates a message should try
to generate a unique Message-Id for that message. This applies
to both email and newsgroups. Using that id, one should be able
to find that message exactly (or perhaps any messages that follow
it up, and would include that message id in the References:

Now, if you're a site that happens to have as a
newsgroup, I assume many newsreaders will allow you to search for
a specific message-id (I know trn can, but it's the only reader I
ever use).

If you read linux-kernel only via email, you can check out and look there. I don't think it offers
searches by message-id, however. But since he mentioned that
Linus himself already commented on it, you order the list by
names, and scan messages he posted.

Mike Castle .-=NEXUS=-. Life is like a clock: You can work constantly and be right all the time, or not work at all and be right at least twice a day. -- mrc
We are all of us living in the shadow of Manhattan. -- Watchmen

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