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    Subjectkernel death (1.3.9[56])
    This is to report two occurrences of Linux being killed (frozen, perhaps)
    by netscape. (That is, after the command "netscape foo" there is no
    netscape window but just silence.)

    Phenomena: keyboard dead, mouse dead, modem dead, no reaction to ping,
    no disk noises. In short, dead.

    Yesterday (or perhaps the day before): 1.3.95, lots of activity.

    Today: 1.3.96, very quiet machine, no net activity, netscape
    invoked for localhost, hardly any other processes. Just before
    xmosaic had been invoked. [My daughter polishing her home page.]

    There is no log. I cannot reproduce this at will.


    PS - After writing `I cannot reproduce this at will' I tried somewhat more
    to mimic my daughter's situation, and froze 1.3.96 again. Still, ten further
    attempts didn't do this again. So: three occurrences, but not reproducible.

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