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    SubjectRe: SPARC Linux
    > So you are saying that it can have uptimes of 100ish days, handle the
    > news, mail, web load of an entire domain and have enough left over to
    > do the odd compile now and again? If not, then it isn't working
    > better than SunOS. We have an Solbourne OS/MP 4.1C machine here in
    > the village that has these characteristics, although lately it has
    > developed a hardware bug which hits once a month. Given the state of
    > the network code in recent kernels, I seriously doubt that it is
    > better than SunOS. OS/MP 4.1C is based on SunOS 4.1.3 and was

    SunOS 4.1.3 falls over when you run crashme on all hardware I have, and within
    5 minutes. I don't know about OS/MP 4.1C - that seems to have a reputation
    that its "What Solaris should have been".

    > produced by Solbourne for the MP and non MP machines. It will likely
    > be a while before Linux reaches the OS/MP level of SMP robustness
    > (typical test: on a 3 cpu machine, run 4 3-way makes of 200k lines of
    > C++ at the same time. It may be slow, but it doesn't crash).

    Thats sort of what Dave Miller does - multiple crashme's and kernel make -j's.
    I've not crashed my IPC yet via load or malice and an 8MB IPC is fairly
    easily loaded ;)


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