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    SubjectRe: Uncle! Uncle!
    Andrew E. Mileski wrote:
    > I surrender! I appologize to everyone for everything.


    > But I did _NOT_ take the Lindburgh baby! :) (That was a joke)
    > Note: Charles "Lucky" Lindburgh - the first to cross the Atlantic
    > alone in an aircraft - his infant son was kidnapped and never found.
    > It was a widly publicised and historic event.

    I think you're *WRONG* about this! :) If I remember correctly, the Lindbergh
    (Note the spelling. You were *WRONG* again!) baby was found lying dead in the
    woods a few miles from the house, within days of the crime.

    *WRONG *WRONG* *WRONG*!! YOU YOU YOU! :) :) :)

    Andrew C. Esh
    Computer Network Technology (finger for PGP key)
    6500 Wedgwood Road 612.550.8000 (main)
    Maple Grove MN 55311 612.550.8229 (direct) - CNT Inc. Home Page - ACE Home Page

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